Profit vs Not for profit Nursing homes

Bloomberg News has released a study that reveals that for profit nursing homes are delivering substandard care with horrific outcomes for nursing home residents.

The Bloomberg study found that the profit motive is having an adverse affect on the quality of care.  The study which was based on U.S. government data based on freedom of information requests indicates that there is a rise in waste, fraud and abuse charges brought by federal authorities as a result of the rise in for profit nursing homes.  These findings are consistent with other studies by government agencies, and academic studies.  According to Bloomberg news federal prosecutors brought  twice the number of criminal cases against nursing homes compared to five years ago.  The article cites a report from federal health care inspectors that indicates that the nursing home industry overbills medcare 1.5 billion dollars a year for treatments that patients don’t need or never received.

In March 2010 the New York Attorney General Charged fourteen employees with neglect, abuse, and falsifiying business records at the Northwoods Rehabiliation Center in Troy New York.  According to the attorney general a hidden camera  was used over a six week period which revealed that the staff “routinely failed to turn and position an immobile patient, failed to administer medications and failed to treat bedsores”  Quoting from The Record dated March 31 2010.  Nine of the employees were immediately suspended and ten pleaded guilty to charges and four were acquitted at trial.

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