NY Post Reports Abuse and Neglect of a Nursing Home Resident

The New York Post has reported that Dr Enrico D’Angelo and Nurse Diana Aduna who were employees of the Goldcrest Care Center, a Bronx nursing home, were arrested in connection with the “grisly” death of an elderly woman in 2010.  As per the article, D’Angelo and Aduna were charged with failing to render care to the nursing home resident.    The daughter of the resident was quoted as stating, “I don’t want this to happen to anyone.  You bring your parents to be taken care of by professionals.  I never thought there was such evil in the world, so close to home.”  See the full article in the link below.

While Federal and New York State Laws and Regulations set out specific, detailed standards for nursing home staff to follow in providing care to residents, unfortunately all too often, we see articles like this in the media.